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 Current Projects 
Studies and Supervision of Soil and Water Resources Development Project of the Southern Margin of Aras River(Aras2, Karam Abad)
Implementation of Comprehensive Plan of Surface Water Management of Zone No.14 of Tehran Municipal
Implementation of Comprehensive Plan of Surface Water Management of Zone No.1 of Tehran Municipal
First Phase of Construcyion of Reservoir And Hydropower Dam In Shahrood-e-Kaluch and Irrigation and Draininge Network In Lawerside Dams
Irrigation and drainage network of Southern of Zayanderood
Irrigation and drainage network in lower part mud dam of Bidakan
Gorgak Storage Dam and Downstream Irrigation and Drinage System
Design of Irrigation and drainage network at lower part of karam Abad Dam
Development project of water and soil resource of southern region of Aras River
Water Supply Design for Ben City to Borujen
Pumping station and transmition line of Karam Abad
Ghanbarkandi pump station and irrigation system
Araz 3 Irrigation System
Gheyghaj Conveyance Chanal and Irrigation System
Aras 2 Storage Dam
Kordkandi ( vahdat dam) irrigation system
Integral studies of Aras catchment water resources on Azerbaijan -gharbi
Development of Agricultural land of Barde
Yaroghli field Reclaimation project
Salehabad irrigation system and pump station
Conveying surface and underground water of 11 regional municipality
Darreh Zoghal Flood Way Training
Conducting of Zola Dam's Construction
Shahroud Kalouch Storage Dam
Water Conveyance and Irrigation and Drainage Network of Yaraghli Field
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