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 The Memorial Of Mr.Zavar In Society 

 The Memorial Of Mr.Zavar In Society

 Introduction of the Company 
Zistab Consulting Engineers Company established in 1983 with contributing of Managers of Eco-zist Company with new title as “Zistab”.
Zistab Consulting Engineers has been acting at following extents with experienced and elite specialists:
  • Water Resources Engineering
  • Dam Design
  • Irrigation and Drainage Systems Design
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Design of urban and Industrial water networks and treatment plants
  • Design of urban and Industrial waste water collection, treatment and disposal Systems
  • Structural Design
  • Urban Utilities Design
Human resources of the Company with high average of educational leves and effective experiences in relative activities contribute the Company in achievement of its  organizational purposes.
Educational dispersal of the personnels
Certificates and Memberships:
  • A member of Iranian Society of consulting  Engineers
  • A member of Iranian Concrete Institnte
  • A member of Iranian Committee of large Dams
  • A member of FIDIC
Lots of Awards from Ministry of Energy and other employers       
 Project's Pictures 

کمیته ملی سدهای بزرگ ایرانTuv NORDجامعه مهندسان مشاورکمیته بتن FIDIC   انجمن آبخیزداری ایران  انجمن مشاوران مدیریت ایران انجمن ژئوتکنیک ایران کمیته ملی آبیاری و زهکشی ایران  سایت مقالات علمی کشور انجمن علوم و مهندسی منابع آب ایرانبنیاد کودک


 Lake Urmia 

دریاچه ارومیه2


Ministry of Energy

President Deputy Strategic Planning and Control

Iran WaterResources Management

.Iran Water & Power Resources Development Co

Iranian Society of Consulting Engineers

West Azarbayejan Regional Water Authority

East Azarbayejan Regional Water Authority


طراحی سایت و پورتال، هاست و سرور اختصاصی - رادکام