Tue, August 21, 2018

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» Engineering Services » Water and wastewater facilities
 Water and wastewater facilities 
  • Simulation and optimal design of water and sewage networks using intelligent techniques
  • Optimal design systems collect surface water and mixed separately
  • Modeling leakage and unaccounted water in the water supply networks
  • Modeling failure risk of water and sewage networks under the influence of earthquake hazards, corrosion, water contamination, etc. and preparation of management guidelines during crisis
  • Optimization of injection location and amount of chlorine in municipal water networks
  • Pressure management in the country's water supply network
  • Demand management in urban water supply networks
  • Optimal Design of water treatment and sewage
  • Optimize the location and number of pumping stations in water supply systems
  • Ground water modeling studies and meeting ground construction of municipal wastewater collection networks
  • Non-operating defense system designed to protect water and sewage networks
  • Optimum system design and mechanized data collection network water supply pictures for decreasing the apparent loss of water



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